Kevin Durant Champ Of The Year For GQ

So I’ve decided to forgive Kevin Durant for joining the team I despise the most in sports  (Golden State Warriors) now I can like his recent editorial in GQ, and share it with you guys.

Kevin Durant at GQ Magazine Cover Party with GQ editor-in-chief Jim Nelson




I’m happy to see they’re finally starting to hit the mark when it comes to styling athletes over at GQ Magazine.

Kevin Durant - 1217 Cover2Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FEKD06-01Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FOTC01-01Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FEKD01-01Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FEKD02-01Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FEKD07-01Kevin Durant-Man of the Year-1217-GQ-FEKD03-01

Read the article on


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