Beating The Odds with Sherrod Tunstall

Could you just explain the summary of the book?

My book is called, Beating The Odds. This is my 4th book. The story is about Brad Carter, a man who loses his job, his girl and is about to get kicked out off his place. But one night he and his friends go to nightclub, where they meet a wealthy stranger, who offers them $50,000 each to go to Rio De Janerio, Brazil to being back illegal substance back to the United States. They have a good time until it’s time to leave. When they are caught they are put in one of Brazil’s notorious prisons. Now they have to figure out how to get out of the country and back on US soil. But won’t leave without Diamond, a beautiful woman with many secrets.

Who are the main characters?

Brad Carter, a big man trying to do better with his life. Armand Castro, a drug lord in Brazil that gives Brad and his friends an offer they can’t refuse.

Diamond, a beautiful girl with many issues.

What inspired you to write the book?

It was my mother actually. She was proud of the books I was writing, but she thought it was time for me to switch it up some. She said. “I know you love writing Urban Fiction and representing your hometown (St. Louis, MO). But it’s time that you take it out of St. Louis and create your own genre.” Plus, I wanted to write a story about a big boy like myself. Because out of all the books I read I never seen where a big man was the lead character or the love interest and I wanted to change that with this book.

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If you could turn the book into a movie who would you choose to star in it?

My opinion I would like to work with newer talent. But for a big name I would love for Sofia Vergara as Taylor Monroe. And I would love for John Singleton or Oliver Megaton (Colombiana 2012) to direct it.

What can we expect to see from you next?

I’m working on the sequel to Beating The Odds, my sixth book, my play, and a YA novel.


You can find Beating The Odds here


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