#PlusMaleFashion Useful Platforms

I frequently get emails and messages on the Plus Male Fashion Instagram page, asking how does one become a Plus Size Male Model. My advice is to start with building your portfolio with a good Photographer in your area who’s experienced with  models. Most Modeling agencies right now are not jumping at the chance to sign Plus Size Male Models or Big and Tall Male Models, especially here in the US. It doesn’t hurt to look at agencies that specialize in commercial models (More accepting of different body types, and more money). While you’re looking for agencies you should be building your portfolio up. I’ve found that certain websites can be very useful to showcase your portfolio. I’ve been able to find work, connect with photographers, build my portfolio, and speak with agencies on through these websites.



1. The most useful site I’ve used has been  Model Mayhem, you can upload pics for your portfolio, network with photographers, designers, mua’s, stylists, models and other industry professionals in your area. What I like the most is in the casting sections you can apply to jobs and sometimes they have castings where they’re looking for all sizes and  specifically looking for Plus Size Male Models.

2. The most polished site I’ve come across is Models.com,  which is actually a limited site, you can’t post as many photos as you can on Model Mayhem, but you can still browse other industry professionals who are more polished, experienced, and professional. I’ve found this website to be MY FAV because you can submit your portfolio to LEGIT modeling agencies directly all over the world.

3. A site you can find more professional work on is Backstage.com,  Although there is a monthly fee you’ll find some more professional work on this site. You’ll be able post photos and resumes, while searching casting from all over, ranging from film, fashion, commercials etc….

4. If you’re looking for more commercial modeling/acting work Casting Network  is for you, there is more fees associated with this membership (Although if you are with an agency your agent can submit you to castings for free)  if not it’s about a $1 to apply to these castings, but you’ll be in the running for higher paying jobs with bigger companies.

Getting into modeling isn’t easy and it’s hard to find your market, especially if you’re a Plus Size Male Model, always be cautious, and never pay any modeling agencies up front.



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