Runway Talk with Dexter Mayfield

You’ve been known on social media for killing the cat walk, how did you learn to walk a runway like that?
To be honest, I learned how to walk the runway by trial by fire lol…simply because the Marco Marco Show was literally my VERY FIRST RUNWAY EVER!  Obviously I used my dance training as a guide, but I also had to learn to balance that what the designer wanted as well.
What makes a good runway walk?
The main thing that makes a good walk would most definitely have to be confidence.  You have to believe in yourself and your walk, if you don’t no one else will either.  What also makes a good walk is FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.  At the end of the day, for runway, you are literally a walking advertisement for the designer or brand, which means you’re not only representing yourself you are representing them as well.  So if you can’t follow their direction, then why would they want to walk for them.
How did the opportunity come about to walk in LA Style Fashion Week?
Well, I had initially met Marco Marco out & about in West Hollywood, where of course he saw me living my absolute best life on the dance floor!  After about a year or so after that, Marco had asked me if I would be interested in walking in his LAFW 2014 show, but the timing just wasn’t right so he invited me to the show and I was absolutely blown away!!! Fast forward to a year later, not only does Marco want me to walk LA Style Fashion Week 2015, but he insisted I incorporate my dance into the walk, and that’s exactly what I did.
unnamed (12)
What’s a designer or brand you’ve always wanted to walk for?
The designers and brands that I would love to walk for would definitely have to be H&M, TopMan, Balmain, Calvin Klein, YEEZY, Versace, Tom Ford, & Dolce & Gabbana (especially since Stefano Gabbana reposted my first walk ever)
What can we look forward to seeing next from you in the future?
Continuing this hustle and grind we call life is always next.  I have a few really exciting projects that are coming out that I can’t talk about quite yet, but I can say that Marco Marco has something coming VERY soon for all men of size.

You can follow him on instagram @dexrated


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