Getting To Know Justin Mckenzie

Spoke with Justin Mckenzie, who’s one of the most stylish Brawn guys out there.  I love that he has his own personal style and doesn’t follow trends. You can learn some fun facts about Justin below.
unnamed (6)
What city are you from?
    I am actually from Trinidad and Tobago in the   Caribbean. Yea I’m an island boy and love it! From the beaches, to the food, to the crafts and music, it’s a great place to be. 
Favorite Clothing brand?
   • Locally, it will have to be DAWW Creations. I love their use of colours, prints, and fabrics; coupled with a holistic gentleman experience for their customers. 
   • Internationally, I’m pretty open but I’ve recently become obsessed with ASOS. I am loving their formal menswear together with that edgy street style. They also cater to plus size men which is a…plus. 
What’s your favorite color to wear and why?
    I almost always go to blue because you can pair it with just about anything. It has that classic nature but can have a trendy look as well.
Favorite Food?
    Cupcakes! Everyone that knows me knows that I will not share a cupcake (no matter how big). Love a great coffee or salted caramel cupcake. Anytime, any day, or whatever mood we’re in, we can always enjoy them. 
What can we expect from you next?
    I  have a few projects going on that are currently hush hush. But what I can tell you is that I’m working on getting my gentleman’s accessories brand playTIEm to become a household name. Also, I’ve been getting asked to model more so there’s exploring that. I’m just in my right place at my right time. 
To see more Justin’s style you can follow him on Instagram @iamtieman

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