Talking with Ady Delvalle

Ady Delvalle is one of the more popular men in the body positive movement. He’s definitely using his platform to show that men of all sizes can be models, and stylish as well. His platform sometimes does attract some very unsavory comments from miserable people. I speak with him about that, and more.




What inspired you to get into modeling?

What inspired me to do Modeling?  I’ve never thought or seen myself as a model of any type. I always thought I was too big and not attractive to be doing any of that to be completely honest.
It all started about 2 years ago I made my Instagram page and just was posting my regular photos. I started getting a lot of attention on my clothing an how they fit for someone size, other big men started asking where they can get the pants or that shirt and so forth. Fast forward a few months later a brand reaches out to me to be a model for there first show in NYFW, I’ve never modeled ever. NYFW was always a dream of mine to attend but to be apart of it was huge. Ever since I did that show opportunities just came rolling in and the attention was a bit overwhelming  but humbling and still is.
What inspired me to pursue it and still does is the fact that I am probably the only one of my size range doing this, or takes a lot for someone my size to do what I am doing, a lot of courage, because most guys are insecure or been told by society your fat or bit handsome enough and think they can’t be models or dress well because they are big. I’m here to show they can. Men you can regardless of your size
How has it been so far being one of the faces of the body positive movement for men?                                                                                                                                                    It’s been a roller coaster ride but amazing. I have met so many amazing people that are in this movement that have a purpose like me to be inclusive in fashion and in general. Like I mentioned previously I’ve came too far to stop now especially men of size it having someone on my size range to help represent them and I gladly do it to be there voice and echo to the world that we are just as worthy.


When did you start receiving negative comments about your body and sexuality? And how do you deal with it?
This has gotten worse as time has passed, the more I  become comfortable in my skin and sexuality the more it bothers certain people. They talk about my body shape or size, yes I know my body is different from the average big man and have certain areas that have more curves than normal. I use to hate my body and those parts in the past and it took me forever to embrace my self as I am now. I think I can be sexy, handsome or whatever the way I am now. I don’t plan on letting anyone take that away from me.
I block those people out now, I use to react but. It anymore. I don’t need that negativity to bring me down.
Does have any affect on what you post and how you post?
It use to affect me but not anymore, I need to live my life and truth. What I post is who I am. Some will like it some will not. At the end the positive always outweighs the negative. I have so many supporters that keep me going everyday.
What would you say your personal style is?                                                                            My personal style is definitely something in between simple, clean, effortless with a dash of sexy on the side. I try to find that middle ground to show all sides and be as multifaceted as possible with my style but still staying true to my aesthetic.


image1 (1)

What’s next for you? As far as goals? and dreams?
I really want to branch out into more mainstream fashion, I want to represent pass the shows they are great opportunities, I want to start working with photographers and other brands.  There’s more work to be done for the industry to be more inclusive especially mainstream industry, I want to be proof that you can make it.

My initial goal dream if God permits on the future is to have my own clothing line of real fashion, that fashion that is big boys crave and see in the runways. Also a grooming/beauty line that will cover all aspects of every man needs.

Thank you for having me be let if this interview and for giving us a platform to voice our wants and need in this community.


You can follow him on Instagram at @iam_adydelv


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