#PMF Curve Model Management: Men’s Division

Long before IMG launched the #Brawn Division last month, Germany was home to a few modeling agencies that represented Plus Size/Big and Tall Male Models, most notably Curve Model Management . The German agency represents a diverse roster of Male & Female Plus Size Models, their models work with talented photographer’s and book modeling jobs with clients regularly. I almost think Germany is starting to become a capitol for the Plus Size Men’s Fashion industry of sorts, with a great number of agencies,retailers, and models, catering to bigger men and being based in the country. They also gain international attention  through social media, letting us know this Big and Tall/Male Plus Size fashion craze is nothing new to them.


Just looking through their men’s division you can clearly see that quite a few of their models would not only be able to book jobs in Germany, but around the world as well. If Curve Model Management was a bigger agency, that had a mass platform to showcase their models internationally they would be a huge success.

I’m definitely keeping a look out for future news from Curve . Check out more of their Male Models below.


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