I must say I love a cool and creative T-shirt with originality, and good fit, T-shirt brand Colasso doesn’t disappoint when it comes to these two qualities. A brand that caters to Big and Tall men and comes up with unique designs.

I did a Q&A recently with Stanley Cadet of Colasso


Question: What’s the meaning behind COLASSO?

Stanley: COLASSO is a variation or even extension of the word Colossal. In essence we are expanding on the idea of what Big & Tall is and what it can be.


Question: Where are you guy’s based out of?

Stanley: When we launched last year we were based in Florida but we’ve recently made the exciting move to the fashion capital of New York City.


Question: What makes COLASSO stand out from the rest of the Big and Tall Clothing lines?

Stanley: First and foremost we commend the other clothing lines by contributing to the Big & Tall fashion movement. At COLASSO our clothing not only fits but compliments the Big & Tall individual by offering an ample amount of colors and designs to choose from. It’s not a one size fits all operation, we currently make each order exclusively for each customer. We ourselves are Big & Tall so we know what’s needed to make garments stylish and as well comfortable. We are committed to delivering the finest quality and obsess over the smallest details because we care about our consumers and the Big & Tall shopper.


Question: I love your t-shirt designs, they’re very unique and on trend, who designs them?

Stanley: We sincerely appreciate that. Everything we design is an expression of who we are and where we’ve been. As our slogan states our works are a “Theory Through Fabric”.  We work with our in house designers and also collaborate with different artists from around the world. It has been an amazing experience to deliver our expressions and have them connect and appreciated by others from around the globe. It truly has been a wonderful experience.


Question: What plans do you guys have for the COLASSO brand in the future?

Stanley: Relative to moving to the fashion capital we are in the midst of a lot of cool collaborations and new collections are in the works for the upcoming seasons. Things have grown pretty quickly for us. As per demand we are releasing designs at a faster rate.  Our specialty and dedication is to casual menswear so we will continue to launch collections consisting of t-shirts, sweaters, accessories and sportswear geared towards to the Big & Tall.

You can shop COLASSO here


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