#PMF Why more Men’s Fashion Magazines should feature bigger men

Every once and a while it would be nice to open up a Men’s Fashion Magazine and see a bigger man getting the shine. I rarely see bigger male celebs in fashion magazines, and I’ve almost NEVER seen a Male Model with a waist bigger than 34. I’m pretty sure magazines like GQ, Nylon Guys, Details, esquire etc…. have PLENTY of subscribers that wear more than a size 34. The fashion industry is changing and the magazines should not only be following but LEADING, just imagine when one of these Men’s Magazines does feature a bigger model (who I’m guessing will be Zach Miko VERY SOON) the press and attention that they will receive would be huge.

But then again why should we have to ask to be in their publications? I’m pretty sure if it was a magazine exclusively for the Plus Size/Big and Tall Males here in America it would do pretty well.

What’s your opinion on this matter?

Scroll below to see some high res fashion photos of some men that wear more than a size 32!




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